Hands make houses, memories makes it a home and termites make their own feeding on your wooden structure like a leech would do – silently augmenting in number and slurping your one of your precious possession’s brown blood and churning it out into kaput powder”

Your valuables, be it your wooden armchair you brought for your weekends relaxations or the table that rigidly pillars as study table or a wooden handicraft you brought as a souvenir from a place that you had yearned to visit or that wooden cradle swing you brought for your toddler that not only plays the role of merrymaker but also protects themfromfalling on the ground – Some may be utilities while some would have your memories attached.

Factors included in termite cost inspection

Termite treatment and examination costs depend on some different factors, we’ll go throughout the list, so that you know precisely what to expect and how much you’ll have to spend.

What Termite Inspection Will Cost You?

Contact local pest control companies to ascertain that ones offer a free examination and treatment quotes if you think you’ve a termite infestation.

The Manifestation

Sign that your valuables have been attacked by wooden insects is wood excavation, sag and hollow woods, wood dust which eventually can cause humans allergy and asthma attack

The question of the hour is what can be done to protect them. There are plenty of alternatives like orange oil, boric acid, nematodes, DIY termite controls, etc to choose from but what makes more important is selection of the solution one wants to opt for which can be determined by conducting termite inspection.

Numerous reasons for a termite examination are: A contracted annual examination or termite bond costs from $200 to $300. Inspection Techniques and Methods are complex and Technicians should be trained in termite biology, infestation recognition, local building regulations, examination techniques and control measures. 

Salient features:

  • Importance of termite inspection is augmenting these days not only because people want to avoid getting their valuable wooden items damaged but also insurance companies doesn’t cover termite infestation.

  • Termite damage does not have only tangible effects but impairs the house structure from within. Termites can also find shelter inside the walls thereby weakening the house structure base.Timely termite inspection can help in keeping a check

  • Termite treatment cost can be around $ 100 depending upon size of house. Cost is calculated on per linear square foot of the house

Finding the right Solution

Termite inspection is supervised under professionals who treats enemy of the wood with chemicals which takes a span of 3-5 days depending upon the severity of the problem- out of which two days is kept for getting rid of chemical odor. It is always advisable to go for specialist service providers because they not only help you get rid oftermites but also makes sure the process is efficiently completed in limited time & there’s no leftover of

  1. termites as even small population of them can outgrow considerably in less period of timewith queen termite life expectancy to be couple of decades & worker termite to be of one year

  2. chemicals or chemical odor as they’re harmful

Termite treatment covers up to period of five years. Further, if your home isn’t treated for significant period of time then it’s advisable to get it inspected once a year. Cost of termite inspection is somewhere between $ 65 – $ 100.

The step by step procedure of termite inspection

A certified pest control professional should inspect for all wood destroying organisms which include subterranean termites, drywood termites, dampwood termites, beetles, carpenter ants and carpenter bees. As home owners, we depend on professionals to thoroughly and professionally inspect our property inside and out and provide an action plan so we may make an educated choice on the methodologies required to do away the nasty problem. The inspection personals are well trained and know their job, so they can be trusted with the complete inspection.

After the initial step, pest control service provider opts for the suitable chemical treatment be it spraying into breeding holes and suspected areas or using carbohydrate termite bait trap or applying termite free paint on the wooden floor and furniture.

The professional should begin by interviewing the homeowner about their concerns; what got them engaged in this termite inspection and any evidence you’ve come across indicating termite activity. The inspector’s arsenal can also include humidity meters, listening devices, thermal imaging devices, microwave oven meters, listening devices, thermal imaging devices, microwave. Because of motion detectors, odor sensors and borescopes, the process of detection of infestations has become more accurate when compared to the previous techniques where because of the well hidden, cryptic nature of termites, they were susceptible to lose a small infestation or consider a previous infestation as current. Inspecting for Drywood Termite Infestation Signs Termite professionals that inspect dry wood termites will start with the outside of the home, this species when swarming will land on the roof and walk down to find an entrance to the ends home, this species when swarming will land on the roof and walk down to find a Drywood termite harm of shingles, eaves, wooden siding, exterior trim, door trim, porch roofs, supports, stair carriages, and trellises and your professional must pay close attention to examine trouble areas.

Professionals will draw an approximate diagram of scrutinized part or imagining previous decal or drilled treatment. Inspectors should tell you where they found termites, should warn you about any termite harm, and conditions which are conducive to a future infestation. A home diagram will include the foundation type, outside and inside a house diagram will include the base type, structure that touch wall cladding, roofing type, and any other pools, lakes, and streams. 


It’s better to detect the wooden insects before they start becoming an integral unwanted member of the house which feeds on its own habitat and abandoning it in a fragile and shaky state. And for that annual

termite inspection is necessary. As the old proverb says – Prevention is better than cure

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