• Traps

    Rat traps are a large part of rat control, and we use them after believe that we have cornered the rats to keep them in the house. If they cannot get in and out, they are not able to breed continually. You must have traps spread all over your home when you want to catch the rats, and we bait them with peanut butter just like all the best companies in the industry.

    We choose the traffic points in your home that are best for these traps, and we continue to check them on a weekly basis or more. We come back to your home when you need, and we make certain that you see a drop in the rat population in your home. We send a certified exterminator to check the effectiveness of these traps, and we handle this process for you where you might not have the time or capacity.

    Rat traps are made for a certain size animal, and we might use mouse traps if we need to catch something smaller. You could have a combination of animals in the house, and it is posiuble that you need to have squirrel traps set in other parts of the house because you had a squirrel that you did not know about.

    We know that we are there to help with your rat problem, but there are many traps that we can use to get right of all the animals that you have in the house. If you are uncomfortable with killing these animals, please understand that they will continue to breed if you do not take care of the problem.

  • Rat Poison

    Rat poison is not safe for anyone in your house, but there are places that we can hide poison that will kill the rats without ever getting close to you or your pets. We use a special poison that actually dehydrates the rats, and you will notice that the rats have green excrement that you can track through the house. This is how you know that the process is working, and we continue to use both the traps and poison to get the rats out of your house.

    We also have special poison packets that the rats eat right through. We recommend that you keep your kitchen as clean as possible, and we try to hide these packets behind appliances or in places where only the rats will go. This is a much faster way to get rid of the rats, and it has been shown to work with many of our other clients.

  • Outdoor Rodent Control

    Outdoor rodent control is important because you might have a spot outside the house that is where the farts come in. We want to seal up that part of the house so that the rat cannot get back in, and that stops one line of reproduction that the rats had. We might place poison or traps outside the house, and we make certain that we have checked these locations to see if the plan has worked. We want to attack on all fronts, and outdoor work is sometimes needed.

  • Rodent Removal Quotes

    We come to the house to provide you with a quote for the work we plan to do, and we offer a discounted price that is much lower than the competition. WE are not trying to scalp you or spend too long on this job. We prefer to make this process end quickly, and we use everything art our disposal to get the job done. We believe in making this process easy on you, and we hope to give you a price that is affordable.

  • Knowledgeable Staff

    We have a knowledgeable staff that helps you with any questions you have. It is easy for you to learn about the process when chatting with us, and we welcome any questions you have before or after the fact. We would prefer to give you as much information as possible so that you are not concerned about the process.

  • Safe For The Family

    We handle everything so that your family does not have to, and we use products that are easy to hide in the house. We want to keep these things away from your pets and kids, and we show you how we have laid out all the traps and poison so that there is no confusion or worry.

  • References

    The references that we have for our company come from many happy customers. We are happy to give you references to call,m and we have online testimonials that you might want to read. We are an honest company that works with many people every day, and we hope that you will volunteer to be one of our references in the future.

    We thrive on customer commentary, and we want you to tell us how we are doing during the job. We know that you want to see the rats go away, but we hope that you will tell us how it is going as we handle the traps and other things that must be done.

  • Conclusion

    Our rat control plan helps you keep those critters out of your house, and we want you to call us right away when you think you have a rat problem in the house. We can handle this with no problem, and we do it all for much less money than you thought. Get us out to the house to write up the estimate, and we will show you how to make your home rodent-free.