• Orange County Termite Control

    Orange County termite control is one of our specialties, and we are happy to help you keep termites out of your home. We know that this can be one of the most terrifying things that could happen, and we want to assess the situation to figure out what toy do. We have multiple steps to our process, and we prefer to complete each step so that you do not have this issue in the future.

    Termite control requires that you have special stations outside your house that will kill the termites. This is a long-term preventative measure that we prefer to do because that helps keep the termites away in the future. We also want to be sure that we have set them around the home in the right spots. This alone can save you a lot of worry, and we also have a removal process if you have termites in the house.

    We know how to spray for termites, and we make completely sure that we have checked where the termites and sprayed for them. We want you to have confidence that the termites will disappear, and we prefer to take our time. We spray, check, and come back for more spraying when needed. 

    An inspection plan helps keep your home safe, and we prefer to set you up with one of these plans just to be certain our system has worked. You want to have the peace of mind that comes with being termite-free, and we send a professional technician to check when the time comes.

    We can set up a yearly inspection to be sure you are doing alright, and we will check the stations a couple times a year. We can come back to spray if you find some termites, and we can clear the house of termites so you can get a termite letter if you plan to sell the house.

  • Orange County CA Rat Control

    Orange County CA rat control is essential if you want to be comfortable in your own house, andf we know how to trap and poison rats so that they cannot breed in your home. You have a number of things that must be done, and we take care of it all. 

    We start by setting out traps and poison that will kill the rats without harming you or anyone in your family. We check these traps often, and we want you to call us any time that you think the traps need to be moved. We handle this so that you do not have to, and we check the outside of the house so that you can close up any gaps where the rats might get in.

    Rat control is much easier when your house is clean, and we can give you tips about keeping rats away in the future. We think that this is a much easier process when we collaborate with you, and we hope that you will call us for help.

  • Surperior Service

    We offer superior service, and we have a full staff that answers the phone when you call. We want to help you when you are in distress, and we come to your home anywhere in the Orange County area. We want things to go over as smoothly as possible, and we prefer to give you service quickly. 

    Call us in an emergency, and let us know what has been going on when you call. We take care of the rest, and you get your home back in better shape than you found it. Someone who has never had pest problems should call us first because we are not judgemental, know these things happen, and help you prevent them from happening in the future.

  • Conclusion

    Our pest control service covers all of Orange County, and we travel to you the moment you call. We can set up an emergency appointment, come back for a regular service, or check the work we have already done. We offer termite control that prevents termites or kills them, and we offer rat control that gets them out of the house for good. Call us today when you need help, and we get right to work.