Pests are damn annoying and when it comes to bed bugs, they are extremely life troublers. They reside in every corner from bedroom to living area, inside the sofa, bed, linen, pillow, quilt, mattress and almost every impossible corner too. They keep on replicating and replicating, troubling you, your home, your health and overall, your environment.
Earlier, bed bug infestation was confined to congested housing environment and over-furniture setting. But now, even the cleanest of the cleanest places are affected by bed bugs. The cost of exterminating these bugs is comparatively low with the respect of the great relief they provide.


Bed bugs, often misspelled as “bedbugs”, can cause a lot of turmoil in our otherwise peaceful lives. They are a type of pests, small, nocturnal, wingless. They usually feast on human blood along with other mammals who are categorized as warm blooded. Usually oval in shape, they grow up to 4 to 5mm long only. Because of their rust brown colour, they are unable to be identified. Bed bugs, popularly dubbed as “red coats” or “mahogany flats,” are usually wingless when adult and have a flattened body.
Bed bugs, of their colour, are good at hiding but still they leave their evidence. The careless clues that they leave are very helpful to identify them. Some of the common signs you can find include:
1. bed bug skins that are shed off
2. unidentified Blood stains over bed sheets or clothes.

Love bite is awesome but getting bite from bed bugs is no brave act; it’s worse than the term “pain”. Its reactions on skins are much like as you can get from being bitten by mosquitoes and fleas. To differentiate, there are very minor signs and then you need to approach your doctor.
1. Red welts
2. Inflammation or itching (that piece of ice will not work)
3. Rashes
4. Multiple bites along straight rows

Before getting that skin rash or (lovely) bed bug bite, hire an exterminator who can help and assist you to get this redundancy of bed bugs. The cost of exterminator will surely be low as compared to the continuous consultation of dermatologists or the awful smell and taste of medicines. Just imagine!
Exterminator is a person who performs pest control. Pest control eliminates all types of pests which are dangerous to human health. Earlier versions of pesticides are next to waste now. These days, ironically, bed bugs too need powerful chemicals and sprays to get rid of. But, the exterminator keeps in mind that those chemicals and sprays should not damage your assets nor you.

Well, if you have ever witnessed any sign of the bed bugs or even if you just want to take precautions to secure your home (as it is said, “Prevention is better than cure”) from these bed bugs, head towards the exterminator immediately. The cost of exterminator does not matter much when it comes to your home, unless you are a miser or a risk-taker.
As earlier mentioned, bed bugs, as compared to other pests, are relatively hard to be traced. But, exterminator knows it all. He is trained to trace all the corners where bed bugs reside or are possible to reside. He may make two to three visits just for inspecting and tracking these corners. He will prepare a draft, which will benefit him in future steps. He will examine each portion of your home, from your bed to furniture, from rugs to linens, every single piece. He may inspect any cracks as such in furniture or on wall. He will search for all the possible signs including:
1. Dead or alive bed bugs
2. Casted off skins
3. Small reddish-black blood spots of bed bugs
4. Tiny eggs usually that may be found lying in or around dark crevices
The cost of exterminator will depend on the signs he traced and the draft he prepared during his inspection of your home.
After inspection, he will head towards providing the best course of action. In case the inspection has confirmed of an infestation, he will suggest a plan focussed on recovery which will be based on the degree of severity of current infestation and also take into account your preferences. The workmen will use updated scientific tools, chemicals and sprays so that you, your home and your environment are not at stake of any loss. After all, this harsh treatment is to exterminate bed bugs, not to cause trouble for you. This treatment will prevent bed bugs from entering into maturation stage and curb their breeding. Hence, it will prevent biting from bed bugs, and exterminate potentially disease-carrying adults.

Eradicating bed bugs from the deep root, is next to miracle. So, a maintenance visit will be there from the exterminator from time to time. The cost of exterminator will depend now only on the visits and the actions being taken at each visit.

The bed bug removal, on a permanent basis, is a matter to ponder upon. The extermination process will vary on the time taken by the exterminator, which, further, will depend on the area, affected by bed bugs. In India, the cost of exterminator usually varies from Rs.1000 to 1500 for a single inspection visit. The expert agencies all over the world usually charge according to the location. Still, it’s an estimate of $450-$550.
Time required performing pest control for bed bugs again depend on the severity and area of the premises. Sometimes, the exterminators can get rid of bed bugs in just one session but if the severity of the infestation is high, he may recommend two sessions. Second session can be scheduled within two weeks and it ensures that bed bugs are completely gone from your home.
Depending on the area, it may take up to 2 hours for one or two exterminators to apply the treatments to eradicate bed bugs. Usually it is recommended to keep children away from the room where the exterminators are applying the bed bugs treatments during application of chemicals. Even if they use treatment chemicals and sprays which are safe for human, it’s advisable to take precautions.

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