Are you troubled with termites? Hire extermination services now to keep your premises free from them. Termites can be troublesome as they can cause serious damage. Termites are known for invading and damaging various wooden objects such as ceiling supports, floor supports, furniture etc. They are also capable of affecting paperboard, carpets, walls and other wooden panels. There are several types of termites such as soldier termites, dry wood termites, damp wood termites etc.

All these can cause from surface to in-depth damage, which can even make the object collapse. If the invasion is not treated in the early stages then it can become an expensive affair to get it treated. Also, it is not safe for the surroundings. Thus, individuals suspect any see any signs of damage then they must get it inspected.

Early signs of detection

There are several ways to detect if the termites have infested the house. Some of the signs of early detection are as follow:

  • Pattern detection: If you think that termites have invaded your premises, look for patterns. For instance, dry wood termites eat the bigger chunk of wood leaving large excavation while subterranean termites eat wood leaving a honeycomb structure behind. Thus, these patterns can tip you if there are termites destroying the objects inside your home. If there is early detection, you can hire extermination services to get rid of the pest.
  • Visual evidence: There are instances where you can see some of the pieces of evidence left by the termites to know if they are active. Your floor might sag a little, small holes can be seen on a drywall, the floor tiles might loosen up, there can be wood crumbles on the floor, window panes etc. There are some termites who make tubes with saliva or fecal matter when they end up on their resources to reach any other object or wall nearby.
  • Sound clues: In case you are looking for more clues for termite infestation then tap your suspected area with an object. If the sound produced sounds hollow then it might confirm the damage.


  • Make sure if its termite: There are other insects too who feed on wood such as beetle and carpenter ants. Every pest has a different treatment thus it is necessary to determine if it is the termite that has infiltrated the house. Mostly extermination services provided by the professional companies are experts in distinguishing between the pests. Make sure not to use any chemical or try any homely method until and unless you are sure of the pest.

How to prevent damage from termites?

There are several precautions, which can be taken before its too late. Though extermination services can help a great deal in keeping our homes safe, there are small things, which we can follow such as:

  • Avoid dead trees in the backyard: Keep your yard clean and throw any dead and decaying trees that are present. It will start attracting the termites, which shall soon invade your home through the backyard. In case you are storing wood for fireplace or construction purpose then make sure you check it before purchasing or stocking. In case you see any signs of wood damage or any patterns, return or replace. It is better not to bring it inside the house rather than inviting the pest.
  • Use treated wood: If you use raw wood for making furniture’s or other objects then it will attract more termites. Try using the treated wood because it is less appealing for any species of termite.
  • Check high-risk zones: All the points that give easy access to termites to enter shall be checked regularly. It is better to treat them beforehand rather than bearing the heavy losses by hiring professional extermination services.

Why use extermination services?

  1. Professional outcome

When you sign up for extermination services, you can avail professional services where exterminators would inspect the damage and extend up to which the invasion has already occurred. Then they would protect your home from termites by making a proper strategy as to how much area they would target and what methods they would use to clear out the infected area.

  1. Cost-effective

It would be better to keep the home free from termites by doing small investments at regular intervals than doing a bigger one at a go. If these things go unnoticed then it can cost heavily. It causes damage to things made of wood such as furniture, cupboards, etc. Termite invasions can some up to thousands of rupees. The exterminators know exactly what their responsibilities are thus they make sure they provide solutions that can save up your both time and money.

  1. Ensure Safety

The exterminators are well trained and know how to get rid of the termites while keeping the surroundings safe and healthy. These professional have in-depth knowledge of various factors such as which product to use, its quantity, and the safe place to pour or spray it. Sometimes the products can be hazardous thus, these exterminators are well trained to handle and ensure safety at the same time.

  1. Regular treatment

There are few individuals who prefer to buy the chemicals from the market and treat the termites themselves. But they often forget the time duration. For instance, a heavily infected area might demand treatment in every quarter. Thus, hiring extermination services will ensure that the task is completed timely.

  1. Avoiding risks

Termites usually damage wooden objects such as furniture, cupboards. In case you decide to treat them in-house then there might be chances that you can end up making mistakes by mishandling which will eventually invite trouble. There are different species of termites and soldier termites are known for biting humans. Thus, It is always advisable to hire professional extermination services rather than handling them at a personal level for safety. The same goes with the chemicals used during pest control, they can be hazardous and must be handled by professionals only.

Thus, extermination services ensure that your premises are safe with zero percent termite invasion.

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