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Termite Control

Termites are such little bugs but can cause huge problems. While they prefer wood that is already in decline they can invade homes, as well as injure living trees. Before you purchase a house it is best to get a free termite inspection completed. You can rest assured that your large investment is pest free.

If you see signs that your home in being invaded by termites then you should call a termite control company who offers a free termite inspection. Between the months of March to May is when most termite infestations are discovered. This is when the pests start flying into the air and starting new colonies.

It is during the spring months that you may see the termites inside your home. You can remove them with a vacuum but it important to call termite control services to come in and give your home a good inspection. Seeing them is a sure sign that your home is infested with these bugs requiring treatment.

Termites which are also called swarmers are drawn to the light around windows and doors. If you see them around woodpiles and tree stumps it does not mean that your home has been invaded. If you seem them around the foundation and patios of your home then it is time to call termite exterminators.

Some signs of infestation are mud tubes that extend over walls and floor joists as well as other wooded areas. This is the termite's shelter as they travel among their colonies. You can break the tubes open and check for the termites. The pests will be small and creamy-white in color. Even if the tubes are empty it does mean that there are no termites.

Most of the time termites can go undetected that is why you should have termite control services come out to do a free inspection yearly.
Termites usually do a lot of damage on the inside leaving the outside appearance with no visible signs of this damage. After making such a huge investment you want to protect it.

It takes a termite exterminators with the experience and training to find this little pest. Even then the bugs can go unnoticed. You might think that you can treat these yourself but it is best not to. You could spend lots of money and not get rid of them. It takes a professional to find and treat them as it takes special skills and knowledge.

A termite control company will have specialists who are trained regularly for this problem. They also have the special equipment that is needed to perform termite extermination. They will know where to look and how to treat. Since it can take gallons of the liquid pesticide injected into the infested areas it can be cost efficient to call in the professionals.

If you find an infestation on items that are not attached to the house you can take care of this yourself. These would be things such as a mailbox or other small wooden item. Some hardware stores can tell you how to take care of these. You can even watch a video on the internet that will show you the exact steps to take.

Choosing a termite control company is very simple. The company you choose should be registered with the agency that regulates termites in your state as well as with the pest control association. This will assure that the company is well established. When calling the company also ask for references. Do call at least two companies and request an inspection and an estimate.

Other than an estimate find out what kind of warranty the company offers. Ask if they will treat the areas free of charge if the termites return. Will they repair the damage that they cause while treating is another question to ask? Do not be rushed into making your decision. The amount of damage a termite will do in minimal when choosing the right company for your needs and peace of mind.

There are two types of treatment baits and liquids. The older liquids were soil-applied providing a barrier keeping the termites from returning to the building. This, in turn, causes the termites inside the damaged area to die since they could not return to the soil. New liquids are not repellent and kill the termites who come into contact with the liquid.

Baiting the termites uses food that the termites feast on with a lethal substance that kills them. This type of treatment causes a slow decline in the termites.

The treatments usually last around five years. The entire house may not need to be treated. The termite companies may just do a perimeter treatment which involves an application of the liquid around the entire foundation of your home. A reputable company will not do spot treatments as this will not warrant that the pests have been treated.

So when choosing a company take your time to check on its reputation and be sure to use a company that your are comfortable with.

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